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Super easy to use REST based API. We got everything to make an ultimate app for ISL.

Live Data

We feed events in real time, its immediately (in 300ms) available in API response.

High availability

In peak days, Litzscore API have served upto 3 millions request per hour with avg latency of 0.003 seconds.

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ISL Match Highlights API
ISL Schedule API
ISL League API
ISL Points Table API

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To begin using Litzscore Football API, you just need to do two simple step. Procedure is same as every other famous API endpoints. Step one, Auth. Step two, access api data. Make sure you have created an application here and use those credential to auth. In the second step, use the response Auth Token to call any API. Access token expires every 24 hours.

Get Started | Match API Reference | Season API Reference

$curl-X POST\
-d"access_key = YOURACCESSKEY"\
-d"secret_key = YOURSECRETKEY"\
-d"app_id = com.yourcompany.appname"\

$GET /rest/v2/football/match/isl_2015_g2/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN

One simple price for all ISL data

ISL Match API, ISL Match Highlights API, ISL Schedule API, ISL Stats API, ISL League API, ISL Points Table API

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