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    Indian Premier League 2017 API Data (Live Feed)

    1. Get your access key

    You can get your access key from your app which can be found in My apps page
    Please follow the guide from Get started page to get a new access key.

    2. Authenticate device

    Its very easy to start using the Roanuz Cricket API. You have to do one or two step to access the cricket data. Now with your access key and secret key, authenticate your client device or browser.
        $ curl -X POST \
        -d "access_key=YOURACCESSKEY" \
        -d "secret_key=YOURSECRETKEY" \
        -d "app_id=com.yourcompany.appname" \
        -d "device_id=abr344mkd99" \
    device_id is unique id of the client device, and its generated on your side. The above request will authenticate the client devices and will give you the access_token with expiration details.
        "status": True, "status_code": 200, "version": "2.0.0",
        "auth": {
          "access_token": "6d6d543ad9e4f7bda7daf32b1fc3bf03",
          "expires": "234234435345345",
        "cache_key": None, "Etag": None
    Now store this access_token and expiration date for future use.
    Read more: Auth API, Response data

    3. IPL 2018 Season Information

    Provides all information about a season such matches, teams, players, rounds and groups.
        $ GET /rest/v2/season/iplt20_2018/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN
    Read more: Season object

    4. IPL 2018 Teams

    Season Team API provides information about team and players in the season team. IPL 2018 Teams are following below:

    IU pslt20_2018_iu
    KK pslt20_2018_kk
    LQ pslt20_2018_lq
    PZ pslt20_2018_pz
    QG pslt20_2018_qg
    MS pslt20_2018_ms

        $ GET /rest/v2/season/iplt20_2018/team/{SEASON_TEAM_KEY}/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN  
    Read more: Season Teams

    4. IPL 2018 Recent Matches

    Provides the recent matches for specific season. Usually it will give 3 completed matches, 3 upcoming matches and all live matches.
        $ GET /rest/v2/season/iplt20_2018/recent_matches/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN  
    Read more: Recent Matches

    5. IPL 2018 Match

    Match API provides the full details of a match. IPL 2018 Matches are following below:

    PZ vs IU pslt20_2017_g1
    LQ vs QG pslt20_2017_g2
    KK vs PZ pslt20_2017_g3
    IU vs LQ pslt20_2017_g4
    QG vs KK pslt20_2017_g5
    PZ vs LQ pslt20_2017_g6
    IU vs QG pslt20_2017_g7
    LQ vs KK pslt20_2017_g8
    PZ vs QG pslt20_2017_g9
    KK vs IU pslt20_2017_g10
    QG vs LQ pslt20_2017_g11
    IU vs PZ pslt20_2017_g12
    PZ vs KK pslt20_2017_g13
    LQ vs IU pslt20_2017_g14
    KK vs QG pslt20_2017_g15
    PZ vs LQ pslt20_2017_g16
    QG vs IU pslt20_2017_g17
    LQ vs KK pslt20_2017_g18
    PZ vs QG pslt20_2017_g19
    KK vs IU pslt20_2017_g20
    PZ vs QG pslt20_2017_p1
    IU vs KK pslt20_2017_p2
    PZ vs KK pslt20_2017_p3
    PZ vs QG pslt20_2017_final

        $ GET /rest/v2/match/{SEASON_MATCH_KEY}/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN
    Read more: Match API

    6. IPL 2018 Stats

    It gives stats for the given season (series). Its response will have the following items,
        $ GET /rest/v2/season/iplt20_2018/stats/?access_token=ACCESSTOKEN
    Read more: Season Stats

    Match API

    • With match API you will get,
    • Super fast live update for cricket score.
    • Toss information.
    • Playing 11.
    • Short description about the match with timing and venue details.
    • Alert for live matches.
    • Notification for fall of wickets.
    • Squad details with exclusive player photos.
    • Man of the match for completed matches.
    • Automatic ball by ball comments.

    Schedule API

    • Correct match start time in GMT
    • Country codes of participating teams with expanded country names
    • Venue details with stadium name, place and country.
    • Finely designed png flag images for all teams
    • Tiny description about the match schedule

    Season API

    • List of all matches in a season
    • List of all participating teams
    • Player info for all teams which contains player name,
    • Venue details with stadium name and place
    • Start date and time

    Stats API

    • Points table for all teams
    • Count for matches won, lost and tie
    • Net Run Rate for every teams
    • Points earned by a team
    • Overall tournament sixes, fours
    • Top four Runs, Wickets, Sixes, Fours, Boundaries,
    • Top four batsman, bowler, catches, bowlers boundaries